Tuesday, January 6, 2009

happy new year!!!!!!

happy 2009 everyone! i am so excited for this new year and all the killer weddings and events i am lucky enough to be a part of! this last year saw such amazing growth for JL DESIGNS and although i accomplished a lot, i have to admit, i was not a very consistent blogger...i would blog about 6 weddings in one day and then fall off the face of the planet for about 4 months...

but in 2009 i am going to change all of that! i am going to try really hard to blog once a week, whether i am ready with wedding images or not...

if i am not ready with images, i am just gonna blog about ME! or things that make me happy...like:

sparkly stuff
new music
reality tv
fashion mags
wedding blogs

sound good? for now, i will start off with one of my new blog obsessions for 2009...cherry blossom girl...she posted some AMAZING images back in december that make me happy just looking at them...and i feel like they are so pretty for this wintery month! if you haven't seen her site yet, check it out! her style is fem, vintage, glam, quirky and playful...i love it!

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MissBritt said...

Cari I am already impressed with your more consistent blogging!!!