Monday, May 4, 2009

photo shoot with jesi haack - the white dress, corona del mar

last month i had the pleasure of taking part in a photo shoot for jesi haack weddings and events. she told me she was in the process of re-branding and that she would be taking new headshots at the white dress in corona del mar...there were gonna be girls modeling the dresses and playing the role of the "brides" and they wanted to create a funky, colorful, happy vibe...

so this first bouquet is a monochromatic mixture of fuschia ranunculas, roses and tulips, wrapped in a magenta ribbon with a cuff of sparkle and lace for a flirty effect.

this bouquet SCREAMS drama! all eggplant mini calas surrounded by black feathers and wrapped entirely in black ribbon and a dark lace overlay. this look is not for the shy! it's for someone who wants to make a statement - and a big one at that!

this next bouquet was just light, happy and easy on the eye...a simple monochromatic and monobotanical bouquet of all antique yellow roses was wrapped in cream colored satin and accented with pale gold trim and a vintage inspired cameo...

i pulled this bouquet together as a last minute whim and it turned out to be my favorite of the day! it was made up of curly willow branches and white balsa wood flowers...super sustainable since these flowers don't die and can be re-used!

the dresses at the salon are to-die-for! i am utterly obsessed with the tiered ruffle dress on the left...not sure who it's designed by but it's gorgeous!

a big thanks to the other girls who made this shoot a success!

ryel j for the killer photos
jessica menashe at the white dress bridal salon for the use of her store and stunning dresses
nicole deanne for the funky and fabulous hair and makeup
nicole deanne (pulling double duty) for the adorable hair pieces
jesi haack weddings and events for bringing it all together!


My Sweet & Saucy said...

The eggplant mini callas and the branchie bouquet are my favorite! So dramatic, but I love them!

Le'Trice: LEPENN|DESIGNS said...

The bouquets are gorgeous, as usual! I actually love the one with the curly willow as well...has a rustic/natural but exotic feel to it.

Jennifer Ederer said...

Great bouquets! I absolutely love the calla/feather bouquet...bring on the sass!!!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!