Friday, February 5, 2010

the JL DESIGNS valentines day collection 2010!!! MALE edition's here!!! the first ever, JL DESIGNS valentines day collection!!! i am so, so excited to share everything! i am still coding the post for the "ladies edition" but for now, i figured i might as well go live with the men's line...

so come on girls, surprise him by giving HIM flowers!!! it would be totally unexpected and you may even be able to show him a thing or two in the floral couture world ;)


THE PREP - $75.00
shops at: banana republic + la coste
favorite band: vampire weekend
style idols: tommy hilfiger + chuck bass
drink of choice: bourbon/scotch

this guy loves things chic and classic but with a youthful edge...a white ceramic vase filled with 20 stems of orange parrot tulips is refined, masculine and lush...

tulips + parrot tulips available in orange, green, white, purple, red, yellow + pink

THE TECHIE - $65.00
shops at: the mac store, best buy
favorite musical artists: N.E.R.D. + kanye west
favorite pastime: video games
won't be caught dead without: his iphone - duh!

this boy's head is constantly racing with all the newest in keep the aesthetics of his life clean and minimal with this low white ceramic trough packed full of lime green spider mums...

wears: abercrombie + ralph lauren
favorite band: coldplay
ideal sunday afternoon: anything outdoors or anything with YOU!
drink of choice: beer

a true all american...he's into sports, he can fix stuff, he dabbles in cooking, he makes the bed...oh yeah and he's got a sensitive side...he's pretty much him with this masculine faux wood vase filled with pretty cymbidium orchids...a perfect blend of hard lines and soft spots :)

cymbidium orchids available in green, yellow, brown

THE HIPSTER - $75.00
shops at: urban outfitters, american apparel
favorite bands: phoenix, passion pit
drives: prius
won't be caught dead without: raybans + some form of facial hair

a lover of all things unique, fresh and funky, your guy will love this blend of eco-friendly (hello succulents!) and hip (chocolate cymbidium orchids - enough said)...packed into a low brown tray and finished with white crushed glass, this arrangement is like a little piece of art...

cymbidium orchids available in brown, green, yellow...trays available in brown, black white...

THE DUDE - $45.00
morning read: sports section of the newspaper
drives: SUV
favorite pastimes: camping, poker, gym
drink of choice: protein shakes

just a little something manly and modern to satisfy your honey's inner gerard butler...a low glass rectangle filled with white crushed glass and green or gray succulents...

THE X ATHLETE - $100.00
you'll find him at: the waves, the snow, the track, the ramp
life idols: shawn white, travis pastrana, rob dyrdek
wears: volcom, RVCA
drink of choice: red bull/monster energy drinks

an extreme arrangement for an extreme kinda guy...he's all about taking risks so why not give him something he's never seen before? a wall of horse tail created in a low glass vase and accented by a couple yellow pincushions...he'll be stoked :)

we are taking orders starting NOW!!! :)
to place an order, please email
orders must be placed 24 hours in advance for next day delivery
deliveries will begin starting wednesday, february 10, 2010
all arrangements available for local delivery to LA/OC
delivery rates will vary by zip code
color substitutions available upon request
order pick-ups available upon request in lieu of delivery

when emailing, please include:
your name
your phone number
recipient's name
recipient's phone number
address for delivery
what day you would like it delivered/ready for pickup
which arrangement you would like to purchase
any color specifications
what you would like written on the card

we will get back to you to work out payment and any other info needed...

thank you!!!



Mr. Haack said...

Awesome Post. I dig the names.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous gorgeous collection, carissa! love it all.. and can't wait to see the ladies' line. :)

Lisa Jacobs said...

Love them as always! Can't imagine Landon wanting one unless it was a vase of beer with sports illustrated taped to it,,,,but I can always hope. Looking good Carissa. Miss you friend.

Sarah Klassen said...

I love this collection! :)

Heidi @ zenadia said...

As always, so amazing! Love every single one!

christina said...

so so in love!!! i love how the are each designed for a different kind of guy!

gabriel.ryan. said...

so, i guess i'd be a cross between "the hipster" and "the x athelete"... too funny, cuz those were my favorites ;)


This is so awesome!

What if I'm a mix of 3 different collections? :)

Katie Neal Photo said...

What a COOOOOOL concept! I love it!!!!

lisa schneider said...

I love them all. If I were in the LA area I would want one of each!

Heather said...

these are amazing wish i would have seen the post earlier! said...

Love the succulent and bamboo! My Fav!

Paige Appel said...

all are so beautiful Carissa! xo