Tuesday, May 3, 2011

and then there were three...

i am giddy...and about to get really personal on my blog which doesn't happen too often...

cause something crazy is happening inside of my body right now...it's magical and miraculous and all of those warm, fuzzy, gushy things people say it is...

i'm gonna be a mommy :)

this mother's day is taking on a whole new meaning for me...MY LIFE is taking on a whole new meaning for me...priorities are shifting and i am gaining an understanding of what's really important...we love this little one so much already...SO, SO much...of course i'm tearing up now just writing this...

we feel incredibly blessed to have such amazing support from our family, friends, church and of course the wedding and event world!

everyone, meet baby...
baby, meet everyone...

(it had its little hand up to its face in this picture so thats why it looks like its blowing a bubble out of its mouth)

this is the baby onesie i have had stashed in my underwear drawer for the past 6 months...brian always told me he wanted an eames chair but its an ongoing joke that i won't allow him to drop $600 on a chair that isn't even comfortable...so when i saw this onesie on etsy i knew it would be the perfect way for me to share the news with brian someday...

in terms of how things are going, i've been having every symptom of the first trimester except the actual throwing up part (thank goodness!)...but during all that nausea and fatigue, there were definitely things that kept me afloat...and let's be honest, are STILL keeping me afloat ;)

oranges and tangelos
shredded wheat
chewy fruit candies (gummy bears, swedish fish, twizzlers etc.)
mcd's vanilla ice cream cones
sliced cheddar cheese and almonds
fruit popsicles
lay's salt and vinegar potato chips
chocolate milk made with nesquik powder - i actually haven't indulged in this yet but i think about it all the time...trying not to give in and buy the powder cause it could lead to obsessive intake...seriously...

now that i am in week 14, i feel like the nausea is going away and my energy level is coming back...just in time for our europe trip, which we're leaving for this weekend - hooray!

we're assuming it will be our last international vacation for a while so we are going to enjoy every minute of it - baby bump and all! :)

a 1960's mod wedding shoot

this is a fun little photo shoot put together by jesi haack and jasmine star...when they asked me to do the florals i was sooo excited by the concept! they wanted to design a mid century MOD themed shoot complete with a sequin wedding gown, leather jackets, a whiskey bar and the longest eyelashes you've seen since twiggy!

for the tablescape, jesi chose a graphic back and white linen and topped it with gold rimmed plates and glassware - very liberace-esque!

i chose an assortment of textured white ceramic vases and added a mod yellow woven trim to some of them...

for the rectangle vases i designed a "gradient" arrangement using orange ranunculas, yellow daffodils and black/white anemones...

for the central vases i choses dark orange dahlias and orange tulips accented with kumquats on the vine...

for each place setting, i wrapped the plate with a mod gold trim...i loved the colors and patterns that wiley valentine used for all the printed items!

how amazing are those wood eames chairs?!?! i have been wanting to design a shoot with them forever...i actually showed up with my white bertoia chairs, expecting to use those, and was so surprised to see that memphis has their own stash of eames chairs! so of course we used those since we wanted to use something we hadn't seen done before...

jesi dreamed up a whiskey bar so i brought in my collection of vintage cut crystal decanters, along with some gold rimmed lowball glasses...oh and that random little metal sunburst prop is something i found at a thrift store...it normally sits on one of the end tables in my living room!

another awesome idea from jesi - retro kitchen timers served as the placecards!

for the bridesmaids bouquets, i used a clustering of yellow billy balls, collared by orange ranunculas...

the bridal bouquet was a mix of orange and yellow ranunculas, black/white anemones, yellow daffodils, white fringe tulips and yellow acacia...

the lashes??? i mean, come on!!!

stunning photo!

killer cake from sweet and saucy...i created the "stand" from 2 white greek key inspired letter holders from target!

i love how this next picture seems so "in the moment"...

a huuuuuge thanks to the following vendors who made this shoot possible!

Concept: Jasmine Star - www.jasminestarblog.com
Styling and Design: Jesi Haack Design - www.jesihaackdesign.com
Cake: Sweet and Saucy Shop - www.sweetandsaucyshop.com
Paper Goods: Wiley Valentine - www.wileyvalentine.com
Hair and Makeup: 1011 Makeup - www.1011makeup.com
Dresses: Shareen Vintage - www.shareenvintage.com
Venue: Memphis Cafe Downtown Santa Ana - www.memphiscafe.com
Linen: Latavola - www.latavolalinen.com
China & Flatware - Classic Party Rentals - www.classicpartyrentals.com
Bridesmaid Hair Pieces: Pixel and Hank
Bride hairpieces: Hope Stanley with Mary Me Bridal

to check out the feature on green wedding shoes, click here! thanks jen!!