Wednesday, October 17, 2012

fire sale at the JL DESIGNS studio!!!

in case you missed it, about 4 weeks ago there was an extreme fire in the warehouse next door to mine...thankfully no one was hurt and my inventory was saved!  the bad news is that the water and smoke damage to my unit has forced me to move into a new space...but honestly it has been a blessing in disguise!  our new studio is even better than the old one and the transition has forced me to purge a ton of my inventory...

so in the words of lindsey bluth "we're having a fire sale"!!!

come on out this saturday, october 20 to browse our stash of goodies...some of it is stuff we only have a few of so we are trying to streamline and focus on our larger collections...some is stuff we just don't use anymore and it's hogging a lot of space!  whatever the reason, we are letting it if it's a good fit for you, we would love to see it find a better home rather than just collecting dust around here!

i will be posting photos of items for sale all this week on instagram and follow me there to check out the inventory up for grabs!  username for both sites is @JL_DESIGNS

we will be hanging out from 9a-3p that day and if you want, you can take a peek inside our NEW studio which is just 3 doors down!  it's still a work in progress but it's coming together nicely :)

hope to see you there and send you home with some fun finds!

sidenote: we will be accepting CASH ONLY that day so come prepared!