Friday, February 5, 2010

the JL DESIGNS valentines day collection 2010!!! FEMALE edition

alright gentlemen...

here is your chance to redeem yourself from the standard dozen long stemmed roses you sent your special lady for valentines day last's time to earn some major brownie points for giving her something that is super unique and that she will actually LOVE! because seriously, grocery stores and conroy's flowers are NOT cutting it this year!!!

so without further ado, allow me to introduce the JL DESIGNS valentines day collection 2010 - the FEMALE edition!!!

ladies, feel free to share this link with your men ;)

and lastly, i must give one more shout out to alicia of the modern type for rallying last minute and taking all of these gorgeous photos for me!!! she is amazing!!

favorite designers: versace + dolce and gabbana
diva idolatry: mariah carey
favorite makeout music: anything by sade
ideal dessert: red wine + chocolate

this woman is all about the va-va-voom! she loves being wined, dined and then ending with a sweet nightcap ;) what better arrangement to give than a dozen velvety red roses that have been styled in sexy black lace, satin and a glamourous rhinestone applique?

roses available in red, white, pink, yellow, orange...lace available in black, white, gray

shops at: fred segal, barneys co-op, intermix
favorite tv show: gossip girl
drink of choice: vodka water with lemon
won't be caught dead without: her blackberry

so maybe she's a little high what!?!? that's why you love her ;) she has an insane eye for fashion and all things "of-the-moment" indulge the blair waldorf in her and get her this chic arrangement of white hydrangea, white roses and black + white anemones...all designed in a metallic silver container that has been wrapped in black satin, a beaded applique and finished in a black + white cameo...

can always find something she likes at: j. crew + club monaco
lives for: the latest issue of martha stewart
relaxes with: a glass of sauvignon blanc + an alexi murdoch cd
favorite dessert: organic apple pie

light, pretty, fresh, calm, natural...this is how she dresses, how she eats, how she acts, how she elegant cream ceramic urn holds white hydrangea, white ranunculas, white tulips and green gardenia foliage...a couple winter oranges add that "cali" flair...

THE ROMANTIC - $115.00
favorite place to shop: anthropologie + flea markets
musical picks: cat power, feist, gemma hayes
hobby: baking french macarons
drink of choice: hot tea

this one is for the girl who adores all things soft, artsy and vintage...she's super feminine and has a weakness for ruffles, lace, doilies and anything "grandma-chic" of course she'll fall head over heels for these blush toned peonies, pink ranunculas, silver brunia berries and fuzzy gray dusty miller foliage. arranged in a white ceramic vase that has been wrapped in a thick cuff of antique inspired ivory lace, this one is perfect for the girl who says things like "swoon" and "i heart" ;)

favorite designers: calvin klein + michael kors
hobby: pilates + yoga
must-have item: nars lip gloss
drink of choice: champagne

this lady is a modern sophisticate with impeccable taste - she doesn't over-clutter her home or over-accessorize her keep it clean and simple with this arrangement of 20 stems of tulips, set in an ultra classic rectangular glass vase...

tulips available in fuschia, red, white, purple, pink, yellow, orange, green


for those of you that love the tulips but want to jazz them up a bit, we are offering a selection of trims, laces, velvets and beaded appliques to be added on a per order basis...if you let us know which trim you like, we can let you know a price to add it based on the desired arrangement...

extras row 1 (laces and trims)
left to right - A,B,C,D

extras row 2 (laces and trims)
left to right - E,F,G,H,I

extras row 3 (velvets and pleats)
left to right - J,K,L,M,N

extras - row 4 (appliques)
left to right - O,P,Q,R,S

also, we have a limited supply of the faux crocodile skin ceramic vases in silver and white cylinders and squares...please let us know if you would like to swap this in for your desired container...

we are taking orders starting NOW!!! :)
to place an order, please email
orders must be placed 24 hours in advance for next day delivery
deliveries will begin starting wednesday, february 10, 2010
all arrangements available for local delivery to LA/OC
delivery rates will vary by zip code
color substitutions available upon request
order pick-ups available upon request in lieu of delivery

when emailing, please include:
your name
your phone number
recipient's name
recipient's phone number
address for delivery
what day you would like it delivered/ready for pickup
which arrangement you would like to purchase
any color specifications
what you would like written on the card

we will get back to you to work out payment and any other info needed...

thank you!!!


Heather Kincaid said...

LOVE the Romantic!! So pretty!

Ashley Rose said...

you know the pics are getting cut off your blog caris? they are bigger than your band width! just giving you a headsup!
sent "the romantic" to the hubs.
its me to a tee!

Penny Sylvia said...


jordana said...

GORGEOUS! Absolutely gorgeous.

Catie Ronquillo said...

Stunning work. If only I lived in SoCal...

Platinum Weddings by Kerrie said...

Is it wrong if I want them all? :)

MaeMae Paperie said...

love the romantic!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm a socialite crossed with a california girl & romantic. love love love all of these, carissa!! gorgeousness.

Alyse Woodward Events said...

If I didn't live in North Carolina I would order one of these for MYSELF! Well that or send the hubby an email with the link ;) Gorgeous!

Yelena - The Stylish Soiree said...

Wow, wow, wow. You are such an artist, and I love them all... don't know how I would choose!

Lydia said...

Your designs are so unique! Love how you think outside the box and come up with something amazing!

katealtmix said...

brilliant! these are perfect and the descriptions are such a sweet, helpful idea for the poor guys, haha! :)

Phyllis Cheung said...

Just GORGEOUS! All of them! Love how well thought out all the designs are.

flights of fancy said...

Simply gorgeous! I could look at The Romantic all day!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

You are a genius and turning the floral world on its head. I am loving the romantic and minimalist. ah! and your descriptions are too awesome. xoxo!

Type & Swash said...

oooh! romantic + california please! :)

Kate/MagnoliaRouge said...

Oh I think I might be every one of those girls on a different day! Gorgeous!

Paula Grace Designs said...

Oh dear, I like a few of them ~ The Romantic, The Socialite... love the croc containers too. Hmmm??!! I'll forward it to hubby and let him pick :)
Paula Grace ~

Kelly @ Notable Inspiration said...

So are you SURE you can't ship The Romantic to the east coast? ;) Don't know if I can live without it, absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the rest of the country!

Sandy said... with the pink flowers!!! *swoon*

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Unknown said...

Ok, so I don't live in So Cal or I'd totally make my man buy me some! But I have to know - where do you get your appliques?? I've been searching for some good ones for my wedding and I've struck out! Wanna sell me some? =)